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Electronic Cottage Magazine Issue One April 1989

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Electronic Cottage Magazine Issue One April 1989

ELECTRONIC COTTAGE was a magazine that took an inside look at the Home Taper Phenomenon, Cassette Culture and Electronic & Experimental Music. Hal McGee edited and published six issues of the publication, from 1989 to 1991. Presented here is Electronic Cottage Issue One, published in April 1989 in an edition of 1,000, in Apollo Beach, Florida.

See PDF at the bottom of the list of files.


- editor's foreword by Hal McGee, page 5
- Impacts Of The Indie Glut by Dave Prescott, editorial, page 15
- Da Muse Ain't Enough by Carl Howard, editorial, page 16
- Polyintermedia and a strategy for Electromagnetic Survival by Miekal And, essay, page 18
- Of Moles And Canning Factories by Amy Denio, article, page 21
- Deaf Eye by Chris Phinney, label profile, page 24
- ND: an ongoing history by Daniel Plunkett, profile of the zine by the publisher, page 26
- BBP Productons by Jeph Jerman, label profile, page 30
- Al Margolis Interview by PBK, page 34
- If, Bwana - Western Swing '88 by Al Margolis
- The Making of AS FESS by Scott Colburn, article on the creation of the cassette release, page 41

of cassettes and records, starting on page 45,

see individual page files below for what reviews are on each page

reviewers: HM (Hal McGee), AO (Andrew Orford), AM (Al Margolis), CP (Chris Phinney), DP (Dave Prescott), BW (Bill Waid), DF (Dan Fioretti), CH (Carl Howard), JH (John Hudak), AC (Allan Conroy), JC (John Collegio), JJ (Jeph Jerman), RM (Roger Moneymaker), RJ (Robin James), BH (Bret Hart).

Geoff X. Alexander: San Jose Confidential cassette (HM)
Algebra Suicide: The Secret Like Crazy LP (CH)
Dennis Andrew: Quest cassette (HM)
As If2Bwana: Tu cassette (AO)
Back To The Grindstone LP (HM)
Don Campau: Separate But Equal and Pen Pals cassettes (DF)
Cancerous Growth: Desecration & Fornication cassette (CH)
City Of Worms: Geistig, Easter and Grist cassettes (AM)
Concurrencies: Phonostatic No. 9 cassette (HM)
Darren Copeland & Company: Living It Out In The Dead Air-Space cassette (HM)
Amy Denio: Never Too Old To Pop A Hole cassette (HM)
The Dental Conference #1 cassette (HM)
Ditto: In Human Terms LP (HM)
Electrostatic Cat: Dysteleology LP (JC)
Lewis Francis: Information Gift cassette
Half Haints (Minoy): How The West Was Won cassette (JH)
Sue Ann Harkey: Stand Looking Around You cassette (HM)
Headmaster cassette (HM)
Michael Horwood: Motility cassette (HM)
IAO Core: One Thousand Points Of Light cassette (BW)
If, Bwana: Horns & Hardart and Organ Life cassettes (DP)
Illusion Of Safety: Repairs and More Altitude Than Attitude cassettes (JJ)
JABON: An Unknown Genius cassette (HM)
La Sonorite Jaune: Synfonien Produkts cassette (HM)
Le Momo: Withdrawing From The Species cassette (HM)
Mental Anguish: A Potentially Damaging Impact (RM)
Mortuary Attendant: Another Embalmer cassette (HM)
Mourning Sickness: A Delectible Detriment cassette (HM)
Mouth Of The Mississippi: Chapter Two cassette (HM)
Murrilee Arraiac: Party At Jay's cassette (BW)
Nick: Nine cassette (RJ)
Odal: Lenin Stinkt cassette (AC)
Only A Mother: Riding White Alligators LP (BH)
PBK: Asesino! cassette (HM)
David Prescott: Walking In Slow Circles LP (HM)
Stimulus And Response 3 X C90 compilation cassettes (CP)
Suckdog: I Like Bulls... I Am A Bull! cassette (HM)
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE and John Berndt: Ultimatum II cassette (HM)
Terre Blanche: The Sickle Cell 7-inch record (JJ)
This Window: Hope cassette (HM)

Classic advertisements for labels, cassette and record releases throughout

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